WiFi marketing


Our Wifi brings more customers into your business

Use customer visit behavior captured by WiFi to build smarter audiences.

Activate media to target audiences that look like your best customers across the internet.

Measure in-store successful campaigns and optimize for visits, not clicks.


our Wifi keeps your customers coming back

Capture customer profile info and visit behavior through your guest WiFi.

Automatically send smart emails in response to customer visits to build loyalty.

Measure the success of your campaigns by knowing real results when a customer actually walks through the door. 

Know Your Customers, Grow Your Business

Know Your Customers, Grow Your Business

Know Your Customers, Grow Your Business


Our WiFi helps businesses know their customers better and grow sales by connecting real-world behavior with online experiences. 

Our WiFi marketing platform lets you automatically track customer visits, build rich customer profiles, target communication more precisely and directly measure in-store impact.


Know Your Customers, Grow Your Business

Know Your Customers, Grow Your Business


Up to 62% of businesses report customers spend more time in their locations if WiFi is offered. 

The same studies show about 50% of customers spend more during each visit when WiFi is available.



Contact Collection:  

It doesn’t require customers to fill out any physical comment cards and employees don’t have to constantly ask if they want to sign up for mailing lists. Compared to traditional methods, WiFi marketing platforms build customer lists 5x faster.    

Real-Time Results:  

WiFi marketing connects communication programs with in-store results. It can show how many customers visit in response to email, text messages, even social advertising. This information is invaluable for offline businesses that want to understand the returns on their marketing spending.    

Targeted Communication:  

One of the largest advantages digital marketers have is the ability to segment customers by a range of demographic and behavioral variables. WiFi marketing allows businesses to build useful customer segments around profile characteristics and visit behavior. 

Businesses can then connect customer databases to the email marketing platform of their choice, or use the native email marketing functionality included with many WiFi marketing platforms, to create and deliver targeted emails.     

Marketing Automation:  

Messages can be set up and sent automatically following each customer visit. This is exceptionally useful for people who are too busy to stay on top of sending out marketing emails. It also allows messages to be sent when triggered by specific events or visit behavior. 

For example, welcome messages can be sent out to first-time customers automatically. Birthday, anniversary and holiday offers can be sent without having to schedule them.    

Reputation Management:  

Keeping ratings high on review sites is extremely important. 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And not just any review will do. Bright Local reports, “49% of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business.”     

WiFi marketing can be used to more immediately understand customer experience, and act on it in a more timely way than with traditional comment cards. By using guest visits to trigger an invitation to share feedback, merchants can hear from guests while they’re still onsite and respond to problems before they result in negative reviews.

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